12 Shocking Things That Happen Behind The Scenes While Filming Adult Scenes


A hidden folder having a name of something “very important”, often accessed secretly in a dark is nothing but the porn. It’s always like an icing sugar for everyone. Some watch it for knowledge, some do it for fun. But, have you ever thought about porn stars’ life? What real thing happens behind the scene?

Here we have compiled some behind the scene facts of porn movies and the actors as well and you must know it.

1. It doesn’t stay hard for hours. It can’t. Never.

1. It doesn't stay hard for hours. It can't. Never. 

Editing work is done to make the “in-out” scene longer. So, relax, your guy is absolutely normal.

2. Most actresses don’t care about how their vagina smells.

2. Most actresses don't care about how their vagina smells. 

Some of them do have raunchy smelling vagina, but it doesn’t make them bother.